quote More than a business, we built an organization to serve humanity. quote1

Dushyant Savadia

CEO & Founder

About Amber Group - Serving Humanity with technology

About Us

A noble cause that created companies
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Amber Group Businesses

Our Journey

Enabling social good through technology
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Our Companies

Amber Connect

A.I powered innovative vehicle tracking, telematics and fleet management technology solution creating a better connected vehicle experience.

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Amber Innovation

Multi-stack agile software development company that provides customized, leading edge, sustainable technology solutions.

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Amber Pay

QR code and app-based merchant to customer, cash-less, card-less payment solution that allows payment processing via a smartphone or a tablet.

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Amber Fuel

Fully digitalized gas station refuelling solution that revolutionizes fuel retail administration and customer service delivery.

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Amber Rewards

Next-gen loyalty rewards software that enables merchants to create and operate their very own branded loyalty program.

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Amber Aviation

Coming soon to Jamaica | a flex-wing microlight flying experience bolstering the tourism ecosystem.

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Amber Coding Academy

Jamaica’s first ever Coding Academy, and coding in public schools programme.

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Amber Cyber Eye

Cybersecurity solutions for cyber incident identification , remediation, proactive security monitoring and cyber defense.

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amber iot

We design, develop and manufacture game changing IoT hardware and firmware solutions.

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Amber Fundme

Amber FundMe is Jamaica's newest crowdfunding platform with the sole mission of empowering businesses and social enterprises with a platform to raise funds to impact our world. Amber FundMe will allow ordinary people a platform to give back and uplift communities and causes in Jamaica, one small donation at a time. As we say in Jamaica, "One-one coco, full basket", which means, little by little, we can achieve bigger things.

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Nationwide News Network

Amber Group in January 2023 acquired significant stakes in Nationwide News Network (NNN) media conglomerate to bring new technologies and innovations to the media outlet as it pushes to transform and digitise the local media landscape.

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Executive Team

Dushyant Savadia - Founder & CEO Amber Group
Dushyant Savadia

Founder & CEO


Michael McNaughton - Managing Director Amber Group
Michael McNaughton

Managing Director


Nigel Fenty - Chief Financial Officer Amber Group
Nigel Fenty

Chief Financial Officer


Denise Williams - Chief Commercial Officer Amber Group
Denise Williams

Chief Commercial Officer


Raja Sekaran - Chief Technology Officer Amber Group
Raja Sekaran

Chief Technology Officer