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Please prepare and submit a brief elevator pitch video, not exceeding 1 minute in duration. Your aim should be to effectively persuade potential investors to consider investing in your project or idea. Focus on highlighting the unique value proposition and the impact of your venture. (Add a file of Max 30MB size )*

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Pitch video is crucial for grabbing the attention of the selection committee. Here's a detailed guide on what you should include in your pitch video:

  1. Startup Name
    - Clearly state the name of your startup and a concise tagline that encapsulates your mission.
  2. Problem Statement
    - Clearly articulate the problem your startup aims to solve. Make it relatable and highlight its significance.
  3. Your Solution
    - Present your solution with clarity. Explain how your product or service addresses the identified problem.
  4. Key Features/Benefits:
    - Highlight the key features or benefits that make your solution stand out in the market.
  5. Demonstration (if applicable):
    - If possible, show a brief demo or example of how your product works.
  6. Revenue Model:
    - Clearly outline your revenue model. How do you plan to monetize your product or service?
  7. Progress So Far:
    - Highlight any significant achievements, partnerships, or milestones your startup has reached.
  8. Introduce Your Team:
    - Briefly introduce key team members and their relevant expertise.

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