Amber UTech Launchpad Terms and Conditions


Amber UTech Launchpad is an entrepreneurial competition aimed at empowering and supporting innovative IT startups. The competition consists of multiple stages designed to identify, nurture, and invest in promising startups, ultimately helping them to navigate the competitive business landscape successfully.

Competition Stages

1. Application Process:

  1. All applicants must complete and submit a written application online, along with a short video pitch, using the form provided on the Amber UTech Launchpad website.
  2. During the initial phase, Amber UTech Launchpad, in collaboration with the University of Technology (UTech) and a selected panel of judges (the "Committee"), will review applications received throughout the open application window. This period allows applicants ample time to plan and coordinate their travel.
  3. The selection of promising applications will be made at the sole discretion of Amber UTech Launchpad, in conjunction with the Committee.
  4. Selections will be based on the applicant's scores according to the approved selection matrix.
  5. The Committee may conduct background checks on shortlisted applicants during the initial review stage and will require applicants' consent for these checks.
  6. A total of 100 applicants will be chosen to advance to the next stage.

2. Online Workshop:

  1. Selected applicants will have access to educational resources and short courses offered by Amber UTech Launchpad and the University of Technology. These resources are designed to prepare applicants for the upcoming stages of the competition.
  2. The educational resources will be accessible online to all applicants who advance beyond the initial phase of the selection process . Alternatively, they may be provided through a one-day training session at UTech campuses, subject to feasibility assessments.

3. The Pitch:

  1. Shortlisted applicants will have the opportunity to pitch their concepts or businesses to the Committee.
  2. The Committee may conduct background checks on applicants who advance to this stage, with the consent of the applicants.
  3. Applicants must be physically present to deliver their pitches in person.
  4. Four (4) relevant industry experts will choose 5 applicants each to join their 'team'.
  5. A total of 40 applicants (the “Contestants”) will be selected to participate in the Amber UTech Launchpad televised show.
  6. All the pitches will be recorded to be potentially aired.

4. Bootcamp:

  1. During this stage, Contestants will collaborate with expert mentors ("Mentors") to refine their pitches and enhance their slide decks.
  2. Contestants will participate in a one-week intensive on-site bootcamp aimed at honing their entrepreneurial skills and perfecting their pitching abilities.
  3. Expert mentors will provide guidance to Contestants in refining their pitches, slide decks, and overall business concepts, research, and models to prepare them for subsequent rounds.
  4. Networking opportunities will be provided during the bootcamp to facilitate connections with industry professionals and potential partners.
  5. Travel and accommodation to and from the on-site bootcamp for this week shall be for the participants own account.

5. Elimination Rounds/ Follow-up pitches:

  1. Contestants will advance through successive elimination rounds by delivering follow-up pitches, with progression determined by a combination of audience votes and committee decisions.

6. Final Round:

  1. Following the bootcamp, a final competition will be conducted to assess contestants' pitches and innovations.
  2. A pre-selected jury consisting of investors and public figures will choose up to 10 finalists based on their performance in prior rounds and their adherence to evaluation criteria.

7. Investment Opportunities:

The 10 finalists will receive investment support to develop their IT solutions, which includes:

  1. IT Solutions Development: Funding and support for the enhancement and realization of their IT solution.
  2. Working Spaces: Access to dedicated working spaces, fostering collaboration and productivity.
  3. Marketing Assistance: Help with marketing strategies and execution to boost their brand presence.
  4. Financial Guidance: Financial advisory services to manage resources effectively during their journey.

8. Training:

  1. Selected teams will benefit from specialized training programs throughout the year to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  2. Alumni engagement initiatives will be introduced to provide ongoing support and networking opportunities for past competition participants.

9. Terms and Conditions:

  1. Entry procedures, eligibility criteria, and other conditions are outlined in the accompanying terms and conditions document.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms will be implemented to track the impact and effectiveness of the competition, including feedback mechanisms for participants and key performance indicators for measuring success.

10. Conclusion:

Amber UTech Launchpad is committed to fostering the growth of IT startups by providing them with the necessary support and resources to thrive in today's competitive market.

Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility:

  1. Applicants must be over the age of 18 at the time of entry to apply for participation in the series.
  2. Applicants should be Jamaican citizens or possess a valid permit or permanent residence status in the Island of Jamaica.
  3. Applicants must not be employees of Amber or UTech, nor have any familial or relational ties to Amber or any companies affiliated with the UTech group.

2. Entry Procedure:

  1. Record a video introducing yourself and presenting your preliminary pitch, limited to 2 minutes.
  2. Submit the form and include your video here.
  3. Once your entry has been completed and accepted, it will be evaluated and assessed.
  4. If your submission is shortlisted by Amber Group Limited (“Amber”) and the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech), you will be notified by the production company. Additional information may be requested from you.
  5. Entries open on March 6, 2024 at 20:00 Jamaica time and close on April 6, 2024 at 20:00 Jamaica time.
  6. No late submissions after April 6, 2024 at 20:00 Jamaica time will be accepted.
  7. Multiple entries per person are permitted.
  8. Entries are only valid if correctly submitted on the entry platform.
  9. Your valid submission of your entry constitutes your binding acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.
  10. You will only be contacted by the production company for further details should your entry be shortlisted.
  11. Further details to be required from you will be your full names, contact details (email and phone), next of kin details and identity number. You will not be asked for any banking details or solicit any other business. You will further receive a release document to be fully signed and returned by you to the production team granting us your consent to entry and/or to be part of the next phases of (Amber UTech Launchpad Competition).
  12. If any of the terms and conditions are not adhered to, your entry will be considered incomplete and will be null and void.
  13. Should your entry be successful and shortlisted, the production company will contact you by April 30, 2024.
  14. You will be required to be available from 1st of May to 31st of June, subject to you successfully proceeding to further phases of Amber UTech Launchpad Competition.
  15. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and currency of the information provided.

3. Publicity Agreement:

  1. You agree that you will not engage in any publicity, digital or social media activity about Amber UTech Launchpad Competition, or your involvement therein, without the express permission of Amber and UTech.
  2. All publicity, digital and social media activity around your involvement in Amber UTech Launchpad Competition will be done by Amber and UTech from the date of your audition until 1 year after the final broadcast of the series, unless otherwise indicated by Amber and UTech

4. Disclaimer/Liability:

  1. Amber and UTech and its affiliates are not responsible for any responses/entries which are not received by the production company whether timeously or at all, regardless of the cause thereof.
  2. Amber and UTech and its affiliates are not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, or providers, computer hardware or software failure or malfunction, traffic congestion (whether physical or on the internet, telephone lines, or at any service provider, website or other device or medium), or any combination thereof, or any other technical or other problems.
  3. Amber and UTech and its affiliates are not responsible for any injury or damage to your or any other person’s computer, mobile telephone or other device used by you to enter into, or obtain any materials related to the entry.
  4. Amber and UTech and its affiliates are not responsible for any errors and/ or omission in any information submitted by you.
  5. Amber and UTech and its affiliates will not be responsible, and disclaim all liability, for any loss, liability, injury, expense or damage (whether direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential) of any nature, whether arising from negligence or any other cause, which is suffered by you or any other third party as a result of your participation in this call to entry or the acceptance and/or use by you, or your partner (if applicable), of anything relating to this call to entry or by any action taken by us or any of our affiliates in accordance with this terms and conditions or whether arising from your infringement or violation of any third party rights including intellectual proprietary rights.
  6. Cancellation: Amber and UTech and its third party suppliers, as the case may be, reserve the right to vary, postpone, suspend, or cancel this call to entry and/or any aspect thereof, without notice at any time, for any reason which Amber and UTech deems necessary. In the event of such variation, postponement, suspension or cancellation, you agree to waive any rights, interests and expectations that you may have in terms of this call to entry and acknowledge that you will have no recourse against us, our affiliates and third-party suppliers.
  7. Under no circumstances shall the producers, Amber and UTech or its affiliates be liable to anyone who participates in the production of Amber UTech Launchpad Competition for any indirect or consequential loss howsoever arising which may be suffered in relation to your participation in the production of Amber UTech Launchpad Competition, whether as a result of any negligent act or omission or any default on the part of the producers or otherwise.
  8. Intellectual Property Warranty:
    1. You warrant that you have the capacity to agree to these terms and conditions and further that if successful, you are at complete liberty to participate in Amber UTech Launchpad Competition and to comply with these terms and conditions and that doing so will not infringe upon the rights of any other person. You further warrant that the information you have provided is true and accurate. The producers or Amber and UTech may disqualify you should you breach the aforesaid warranties.
    2. You warrant that in making your video, no third party rights including intellectual third party rights were infringed and/or violated.

5. Jurisdiction:

These terms and conditions are governed by Jamaican law and the Jamaican courts shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all matters (including disputes) arising herefrom.

6. Confidentiality, Intellectual Property and Copyright

  1. Access to the applications is granted to Amber (including its officers, managers, members, consultants, and agents), the Committee, UTech and Amber UTech Launchpad’s sponsors (collectively, the “Reviewing Parties”). Amber offers no guarantee of confidentiality, either explicit or implicit, in connection with any data or information presented or discussed by applicants. The Reviewing Parties will not agree to or sign non-disclosure agreements in connection with any application or applicant. Applicants requiring non-disclosure agreements should not participate. All data processed shall be done so in accordance with the Data Protection Act of Jamaica 2020 for the purpose in which it was intended.
  2. Before submitting their applications, Amber urges applicants to confirm with appropriate advisors or legal counsel that any intellectual property described therein is legally held or licensed by the applicant, is non-infringing and appropriately protected. Applicants should be prepared to provide reasonable back-up documentation for these statements if requested by Amber.
  3. If I am invited for any further auditions but not selected as a contestant, I hereby assign irrevocably to Amber and UTech the entire copyright and all other rights of whatsoever nature in and to my audition and contribution to Amber UTech Launchpad Competition, whether now in existence or arising in the future, including without limitation, my performance, any comments ascribed to me (whether as part of the audition, any psychological testing, any interview and any inclusion of my photographs, likeness, profile, voice, sound effect, caricature, literary, artistic and musical materials and the like for purposes of the Programme and/or any related publicity, research and marketing, which Amber and UTech accept. Amber and UTech shall therefore be entitled to use and exploit and license others to use and exploit such contributions, in whole or in part, by all means and in all media, manner and formats whether now known or hereafter invented throughout the world and in perpetuity.
  4. The authors of each application submission will retain all copyrights to the contents of their submission, provided that the Reviewing Parties may make photocopies, photographs, and video and/or audio recordings of any data or information divulged, presented, or discussed by any applicant throughout that applicant’s participation in the Competition. By entering the Competition, applicants agree to grant a license to Amber and the Reviewing Parties to use such materials without restriction and to conduct such due diligence as the Reviewing Parties determine is necessary or desirable for purposes of evaluating the application and carrying out the Competition as described herein.
  5. In addition, the Reviewing Parties will have the right to publicly post certain information about accepted applicants and their applications in the public areas of the Reviewing Parties’ websites, including, but not limited to, name and category of business, logo, and an abstract. The Reviewing Parties will also have the right to use the content of applicants’ applications for research and other not-for-profit purposes.

I hereby acknowledge and confirm that:

  1. I have read and agree to be bound by the conditions set out in this document entitled Terms of Reference - Amber UTech Launchpad Competition - Application Form.
  2. I have answered all questions on the application form fully, honestly, and accurately, and confirm that I have not misled or attempted to mislead the Producers in any way regarding my identity or experiences.
  3. If any information provided in the application form is found to be false, the Producers, Amber, and UTech will be entitled to exclude me from the Amber UTech Launchpad Competition audition process.
  4. If I am short-listed, I hereby authorize Amber and UTech to conduct background checks to verify the information I have supplied. I understand that consenting to these checks does not guarantee my selection.
  5. I understand that even if selected as a contestant, the Producers are not obligated to produce the program, and if produced, there is no obligation for it to be broadcast.
  6. All decisions by the Producers regarding the selection of contestants are final, and no reasons will be given. I agree not to challenge or appeal against those decisions.
  7. In the event that I make it to the boardroom of the series and have the opportunity to pitch my idea, I understand and accept that I will have to sign an agreement with the investor if my idea is successful.
  8. I agree to keep strictly confidential and not disclose, publish, or reveal to any person any incident, conversation, or information concerning the series or the audition/selection process without the prior written consent of the Producers, for twelve (12) months following the first transmission on television in Jamaica of the final episode of Amber UTech Launchpad Competition.
  9. If selected to participate, I agree to enter into a formal agreement with the Producers and/or any other relevant party to protect their rights.
  10. I confirm that I am not an employee of Amber or UTech.
  11. I confirm that I am not related to any companies affiliated with Amber or UTech group.
  12. Consent
    1. By applying for consideration in the Amber UTech Launchpad Competition, I consent to the collection, processing, and storage of my personal data by Amber Group Ltd and UTech.
    2. By participating in the audition, I consent to the use of any personal information provided to Amber and UTech.
    3. By submitting my entry, I grant Amber and UTech permission to use my video for promotional purposes.
    4. Withdrawal of Consent: I acknowledge my right to withdraw consent at any time in writing, understanding that it may impact my participation in the competition.

By participating in this call to entry you accept and agree to abide by these rules, terms and conditions set out herein and such rules and conditions that the producers or Amber and UTech may issue in relation to further phases of Amber UTech Launchpad Competition from time to time.

Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change.