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Amber Connect

Connect. Detect. Protect.

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Amber Connect is the world's most sophisticated AI - powered vehicle security and fleet management with over 60+ powerful features in its telematics solution. Serving over 30 countries and counting, our mission is to provide safety, security and peace of mind to vehicle owners; deliver robust business intelligence for commercial verticals and create a safer and a more secure society by offering affordable IoT security.

Vehicle, Bike and Fleet Tracking
Vehicle, Bike and Fleet Tracking

Discover the true connected vehicle experience with our feature-rich and user-friendly Smart Vehicle Management GPS System.

Insurance Telematics via Driver Scoring System
Insurance Telematics

Actionable insights and superior data intelligence for insurance companies via a driver scoring system.

Fleet Risk Telematics System
Fleet Risk Telematics

Keep an overview of the risk of the entire fleet through a dedicated scoring module for the vehicles and drivers with risk alerts.

Amber Connect

Amber Innovations

Connecting The Dots

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Amber Innovations is our end-to-end software development company that drives innovation across all the Group’s business lines and third party companies across the globe.

We employ over hundred highly skilled, full-stack developers to constantly provide clients with innovative and cutting-edge solutions for their businesses around the clock.

The Amber Innovations experts work to create custom software solutions for businesses in a range of industries that includes IoT, media, agriculture, FinTech, banking, retail, insurance, transportation, utilities and more. Each of our developers is fluent in multiple programming languages and frameworks, and have the experience and ability to create anything from a web application to a large data warehouse.

Software Development Company - Amber Innovations

Amber Fuels

Revolutionary Refuelling

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Amber Fuels is a revolutionization of the gas station refuelling experience. The Amber Fuels technology that has been deployed at the filling stations works with the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and secure banking transaction platforms interfaced through an engaging consumer mobile application.

This system allows you to pay for your fuel, LPG Home Gas, Aviation Fuel and LPG Auto Gas with the simple use of the RFID sticker and the Amber Fuels app, cash or card-less digital payment processing with electronic invoices through the mobile app with insightful expense analytics with a rewards program for consumers.

Amber Fuels RFID Technology

Amber Pay

Beyond Payments

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Amber Pay’s mission is to build innovative payment platforms that not only help businesses enhance their operations, but also improves the quality of life for everyday people. The solution consists of 3 distinct arms:

Amber Pay e-Stores allows users to create their own e-commerce website with a few simple steps.

Amber Pay e-Link allows merchants to integrate payment buttons, request payments via a QR code or weblink, and allows them to send invoices, manage accounts and generate analytics.

Amber Pay App is an omni channel app-based, cash-less, card-less payment solution.

Amber Rewards

Make Life Rewarding

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Amber Rewards is a next-gen loyalty rewards software that enables merchants to create and operate their very own branded loyalty program in minutes or to participate in an aggregated loyalty coalition. It boasts built with state-of-the-art data analytics and marketing tools, designed to identify trends and capitalize on opportunities.

An alternative fast, convenient & contactless method to get member special offers, collect and redeem your rewards and comes with a host of benefits to both merchants and their customers.

Loyalty rewards software - Amber Rewards

Amber Aura

Smart Building Automation

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Amber Aura offers a broad portfolio of products and services to support comprehensive energy management plans and make any building intelligent and intuitive. Amber Aura uses a combination of technologies to automate building management. Providing users an interactive 3D software that manages the different variables of a building’s operation, including presence, air quality, temperature and lighting, making the energy management more cost effective and employee’s more productive.

Providing users an 3D interactive software that manages the different variables of a building’s operation, including temperature and lighting.

Amber Aura launches in 2022.

Building Operation with Amber Aura

Amber FundMe

Spreading kindness & impacting the world,
one community at a time.

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Amber FundMe is Jamaica's newest crowdfunding platform with the sole mission of empowering businesses and social enterprises with a platform to raise funds to impact our world.

Amber FundMe will allow ordinary people a platform to give back and uplift communities and causes in Jamaica, one small donation at a time. As we say in Jamaica, "One-one coco, full basket", which means, little by little, we can achieve bigger things. Learn more at amberfundme.com

Amber Aviations

Experience Freedom

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Amber Aviation was inspired by a microlight experience along the East Coast of South Africa and was created to transport the 2D tourism experience of sun, sea and beach into a whole new dimension and soon, beginning with its roots in Jamaica.

Amber’s mission is to add a new adventure tourism offering as we help to strengthen and diversify the industry. A new tourism offering also comes with the added benefit of creating aeronautical skills and employment opportunities in local communities and bolsters the tourism ecosystem through the provision of the training of pilots and maintenance technicians.

Amber Aviation’s Jet-Share programme allows you to enjoy all the benefits of private aviation without the hassle and cost of full ownership.

Amber Aviation launches in Jamaica in December 2021.

Jet-Share programme with Amber Aviation

Amber CyberEye

Secure from Core

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Amber Group’s recent acquisition of a US based Cybersecurity company that brings cybersecurity experts devoted to the pragmatic reduction of risk through quantitative risk analysis, assessments and penetration testing.

We are a think tank of cybersecurity consultants who understand the mechanics and business value of risk reduction.

We provide solutions around cyber incident identification and remediation, proactive security monitoring and technical controls around cyber defense.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security Monitoring
  • Fractional CISO
  • Security Architecture
  • Breach Impact Assessment
  • Ransomware Prevention

Amber IOT

Intelligent Engineering

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Intelli Business Solutions is one of the recent acquisitions of Amber Group, a company based in South Africa. Renamed as Amber IoT, we will support your business by providing state-of-the-art technology focused on integrated solutions customized IOT and software development services.

With a team of highly-skilled hardware engineers, we design, develop and manufacture game changing IoT hardware and firmware solutions. We leverage our expertise in Internet of things by integrating a network of disparate systems with a variety of mobile devices, enabling us to unlock real value for our clients by providing true business intelligence through constant data analysis.

We integrate cloud enabled solutions ensuring that all customer’s information is securely stored, optimally managed and protected through globally recognized best-of-breed data protection technology.

Best iot service provider
                        - Amber IOT

Amber HEART Institute of Coding

Coding in Schools

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The Amber HEART Institute of Coding is a collaboration between the Government of Jamaica (HEART/NSTA Trust and HOPE) and the Amber Group. The initiative is the first of its kind in the Caribbean and will engage unattached youth across Jamaica with skills training in Software Programming Operations at the Stony Hill Heart Academy. The training is a one-year residential program where students are fully sponsored and provided accommodations, meals, equipment's and education.

The Amber HEART Institute of Coding intends to target 4000 youth annually through the programme. Upon graduation, the students will be offered employment within the Amber Group and receive a Government recognized NCTVET certification.

This programme is a stepping-stone for Jamaica to become the technological hub of the region.

The Amber HEART Academy is a collaboration between the Government of Jamaica (HEART/NSTA Trust) and the Amber Group. The initiative is the first of its kind in the Caribbean and will engage unattached youth across Jamaica with skills training in technologies like Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Mobile Application Development and Web Application Development. The training is a one-year residential program at Stony Hill Campus, where students are fully sponsored and provided accommodations, meals, equipment and education.

Upon graduation, the individuals will receive a Government recognized NCTVET certification, they will be provided with recommendations and also have access to the valuable network and connections of Amber Group to secure employment. The Amber HEART Institute of Coding intends to open similar institutes in every parish of Jamaica and targets to train 20,000 Jamaican youth in five years.

This programme is a stepping-stone for Jamaica to become the technological hub of the region.

Amber HEART Institute of Coding

Pandemic Management Solutions

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged all of us to be agile, responsive and relevant. The Amber Group developed and contributed solutions to assist Governments across the Caribbean to effectively manage the health cases and border management just weeks after the pandemic was announced. Today, we continue to evolve the solution with a vaccine management and e-commerce modules in keeping with evolving demands across Governments.

The comprehensive, interactive, simple to manage and use website and mobile applications for Android and iOS (App) allows Governments to centrally develop, manage and disseminate crucial information related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solution includes provisions to enable travel authorization, airport screening, Tracking and Trace Management and support quarantine measures.

Nationwide News

Unfolding the truth

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Amber Group in January 2023 acquired significant stakes in Nationwide News Network (NNN) media conglomerate to bring new technologies and innovations to the media outlet as it pushes to transform and digitise the local media landscape.

The acquisition will revolutionalize the space with technology so that users can consume news and other great content through one single technology that will bring radio, TV and news all in one single application.

The application will connect businesses and consumers better, making advertising easier, allowing full digital onboarding for advertisements on radio, online news and digital TV.

An immediate value for advertisers is that placement will be less expensive and more accessible to the entire market. For customers, they will also get benefits such as increased targeted content based on their interest with loyalty rewards.

The more stories they read/watch and discuss online, the more points they get which they can redeem for deals and discounts from participating businesses.